Why Is Cancer So Dangerous?

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Cancer is the most dreadful disease in terms of death outcomes as compared to other diseases worldwide. If we go into the context of cancer, most of the people consider it as a dangerous disease, when it is related to the other disease progression.

Let us take an example of malaria, here the plasmodium parasite enters into the human body from mosquitoes as it acts as a vector. Plasmodium lives in the Liver Cells and then spreads into red blood cells and makes the disease transmission. This entire process is called spreading of disease.

Whereas incase of cancer, it happens in two ways

  • Invasion: Spreading of cancer from a cell into the neighbouring cells or tissues.
  • Metastasis: This is so critical in the cancer progression. As the cancer cell from a part or organ is able to spread into any part or organ in the human body.

With the example of plasmodium parasite, it can spread to the liver and RBC whereas in cancer, it can spread to any part of the body. Hence, the contemporary treatment protocol of cancer may find difficulty in treating and controlling the cancer progression.

Metastasis mechanism

When a breast cell has been diagnosed with cancer, then it may progress into the Lung tissues. Here breast cancer cells enter into the lung cell and make cancer in the lung cells. Even if the cancer is present in the lung cell, we can call this as Metastatic Breast Cancer. We have to follow the treatment of breast cancer only in this regard as it is infected from breast cancer cells.

So, cancer is renowned as the most dangerous disease in terms of spreading when compared to other diseases due to metastasis. This makes cancer a dangerous disease. We may prevent metastasis by reducing the intake of carbohydrates (glucose), increasing autophagy by fasting methods and regular workouts.