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Best Colon/Colorectal Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Vijayawada

Colon or colorectal cancer can make life very hard. People often struggle a lot when they get this type of cancer. But at Punarjan Ayurveda in Vijayawada, patients get better both mentally and physically. Punarjan Ayurveda is the Best colon/colorectal cancer treatment hospitals in Vijayawada. Our hospital uses a unique way of treating cancer that is different from other hospitals. Many people have gotten better after coming to us for treatment. We help our patients feel better in every way.

Why Choose Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals For Colon/Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals are well known for their colorectal or colon cancer treatment. Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals can be great for cancer patients. There are more than one reason for this.

The Natural and Holistic Approach 

Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals focuses on natural treatments. Our hospital follows Ayurveda rules. Ayurveda fixes the balance between the mind, body, and soul. It can be very helpful for cancer patients. Our treatments try to support the body’s natural immunity. Also, it reduces side effects. This kind of treatment makes people feel better in general.

Plans for Individual Treatment 

Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals has custom-based therapies. We meet the needs of our patients. Ayurveda understands that each person is different. So the treatments can work better. Our medications are better for the patient’s health.

Supportive Treatment

Punarjan Ayurveda adds supportive treatments, natural cures, dietary changes, yoga, and meditation. Our treatments help to purify the body. Develop immunity and reduce stress, too. Our therapies support overall healing.

Experienced Practitioners 

Our Punarjan Ayurveda experts have a proper colon and colorectal cancer treatment knowledge. Patients get proper care. It is based on Ayurveda treatments. All thanks to our experienced doctors.

Concentrate on Quality of Life

After treating the cancer, Punarjan Ayurveda focuses on wellness. Therapies try to reduce pain. Our treatments can also manage conventional treatment side effects. Our hospitals equally work on emotional well-being. This way, we help patients even after treatment.

Friendly Environment 

Our hospitals have supportive situations for the patients. Mainly related to emotional and mental health. Our treatment method adds ways to help patients. Also, they give needed support to their families. So they can deal with the difficulties of cancer.

Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals are great for treating colorectal or colon cancer. We have a good, supportive environment. Also, proper care and holistic therapies. It gives a perfect mix of modern and traditional Ayurveda knowledge.

Types Of Colon/Colorectal Cancer

Get to know the various categories of colon and colorectal cancer. The former is different from the latter and has its own unique characteristics to deal with. Colorectal cancer adds both colon and rectal tumors. It is a common and serious illness. It starts in the digestive organ or rectum. 

Some of the main kinds of colorectal cancer are:


They begin in the mucus-producing glandular cells. Those guard the colon and rectum. This type is additionally classified. It is because of its nature and development patterns. 

Cancerous Tumors 

Specific cells share characteristics with nerve and hormone-producing cells. These are the sources of these tumors. They typically develop slowly. They are distinct from other types. It is because they can secrete hormones that cause various symptoms. 


GISTs are caused by Cajal interstitial cells. These are part of the digestive tract’s autonomic nervous system. They can be found anywhere in the gastrointestinal system. They are extraordinary in the colon and rectum. 


These are basically lymphatic system cancers. It can happen in the colon as well as the rectum. They are all usually found in different pieces of the body. Primary colorectal lymphomas are uncommon. They usually develop in the colon. 


Sarcomas are a rare form of colorectal cancer. It develops in the rectum and colon from connective tissues. Some examples are blood vessels, muscle layers, or fat. Leiomyosarcomas are the most common subtype in this classification. 

Genetic Colorectal Cancer Disorders 

Colorectal cancer risk is increased by the following genetic conditions: 

FAP: It happens by hundreds to thousands of polyps in the rectum and colon. If left untreated, it can carry the maximum chance of cancer. 

Lynch Cancer: This syndrome hugely raises the risk of colorectal and other types of cancer. 

Understanding the various kinds of colorectal cancer is important for exact detection.

Doctors and researchers at Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals work hard to help people with colorectal cancer. Our doctors use special methods to find the cancer early and create treatments that are just right for each person. We keep studying to find even better ways to help. Our goal is to make sure more people with colorectal cancer can get better and live longer.

Immunotherapy Treatment For Colon/Colorectal Cancer

Colon, or colorectal cancer, is a complicated disease that affects different parts of the body. We at Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital attempt to use special treatments through which the human body’s immunity fights the disease called cancer. There is one way of doing this, through the utilization of immune checkpoint inhibitors, that helps block the immune cells from targeting the body’s tissues and instead targets the cancer cells. We use Punarjan therapy, which helps patients’ immune cells be changed to fight cancer better. Our treatments add value to fight against colorectal cancer.

Importance of Ayurveda Immunotherapy 

Ayurveda medication offers supportive ways to deal with colon cancer. It is based on improving the body’s natural immune reaction. Immunotherapy in Ayurveda uses different spices, dietary habits, and lifestyle changes. 

Our immunotherapy treatment for colon/colorectal cancer helps the immune system and improves overall health. Important Ayurveda spices try to support resistance and possibly help in colon cancer management. The list adds Ashwagandha for its mitigating properties and Turmeric, which is known for its anti-cancer impacts. Another important spice is guduchi, which helps the immune system react and protects against cancer. 

Our ayurveda experts support the importance of a balanced diet. These are custom-made to the patient’s Prakriti. Adding food varieties that are not difficult to digest and rich in important supplements. Such diets include whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. 

Also, yoga, meditation, and regular activity are necessary for Ayurveda immunotherapy. These practices help reduce stress and work on mental health. That is how they increase physical resistance, which supports the body’s capacity to fight colon cancer. 


At Punarjan Ayurveda, our team is always innovating new ways to make cancer treatment better. We know the body’s immune system can help fight cancer, so we use Punarjan therapy to treat colon and colorectal cancer. Our main goal is to help patients live longer and feel better during their treatment.

Rasayana Ayurveda Treatment For Colon/Colorectal Cancer

Rasayana Ayurveda is a huge part of Ayurveda treatment. Even in the case of colon cancer, it can do great. 

Rasasindooram is a powerful remedy in Ayurveda. It is created by using mercury and sulfur. It is known for its properties, too. Rasasindooram improves immunity and treats huge issues like colon cancer. The process involves carefully cleansing and mixing mercury along with sulfur before it creates a perfect red-color powder. 

Rasabhasma is metal or mineral ash used in Ayurveda cancer treatment. These bhasmas are created with proper processes. Such ways guarantee that they are harmless and can be safely used by the body. Swarna Bhasma and Rajata Bhasma are famously used Rasabhasmas. They are known for their healing and supporting properties. 

Both Rasasindooram and Rasabhasma are must-haves in Rasayana’s treatment for various cancers. It is the same for colon cancer. They have important advantages in protecting health, preventing illnesses, and advancing general wellness.

Role of Rasayana Treatment for Colon Cancer

Rasayana Ayurveda treatment surely plays an important part in combating cancer. It improves the body’s resilience and overall health to help treat colon cancer. This customary treatment shows the use of herbal remedies, dietary rules, and way of life changes. All these things are focused on recovery and immunity boosting. 

For colon cancer patients, Punarjan Ayurveda’s Rasayana Ayurveda treatment can help, along with customary treatments. Our process is done by healing side effects, reducing aggravation, and increasing tissue fixes. 

In Rasayana, spices like turmeric and ashwagandha are frequently used to decrease the growth of cancer cells. They even improve the quality of life of the patients. 


Punarjan Ayurveda’s holistic approach helps reduce stress and improve mental well-being. These are two essential parts of proper cancer care. As a result, adding Rasayana Ayurveda Treatment For Colon/Colorectal Cancer can help patients overcome the cancer. They can recover faster and maintain their long-term health.

Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Complications Of Colon/Colorectal Cancer

Every day, we commonly listen to many health concerns, and colon cancer is one of them that occurs in the rectum. People should know what kinds of signs are common, what might cause them, and what makes their risk higher. If someone is identified early and gets the right care, they can keep their health from getting worse and avoid as many other problems as possible.


Changes in Stool Habits: Constant loose bowels, constipation, or weird changes in stool. 

Rectal Bleeding: Blood in the stool and dark stools can be visible. 

Abdominal Issues: Frequent gas pains, bloating, feeling full, cramping, or pain in the abdomen are seen.

Weakness and Exhaustion: Such things are common because of loss of blood and lack of iron. 

Weight Reduction: Huge weight loss. That too, without changes in diet or exercise. 

Some Important Reasons Behind Colon/Colorectal Cancer

The exact reason for colon cancer is not known completely. Many factors contribute to its development.

Hereditary Changes: Both genetic and procured changes can cause cancer. 

Diet: A diet that is high in red and processed meat is very bad for health. Being low in vegetables, fruits, and fiber may raise the risk. 

Provocative Bowel Sickness: Certain conditions are connected to higher cancer risk. 

Polyps: These can form into cancer over the long run. They are antecedents to numerous colorectal cancers. 

Risk Variables 

A few variables increase the risk of creating colon/colorectal cancer.

Age: Risk goes up as you get older, especially after fifty. 

Family History: A background marked by colorectal cancer or polyps in direct relations. 

Lifestyle Elements: Smoking, too much liquor use, physical inactivity, and being overweight. 

Type 2 Diabetes: It is related to an increased threat of colorectal cancer. 

Treatment with Radiation: Receiving radiation for a previous cancer can raise the risk. 


Complications coming from colon/colorectal cancer can be serious.

Bowel Obstruction: Growths can obstruct the digestion tracts. Which causes serious pain and requires surgery. 

Metastasis: Cancer can spread to different body parts. Usually the liver and lungs. 

Secondary Cancers: Colorectal cancer patients who receive treatment may develop additional cancers. Mainly in the digestive system. 

Perforations: Tumors can make holes in the colon. It leads to peritonitis, a serious disease. 


Early identification through regular screening is a must. Such things are hugely important for successful therapy. Contact our team at Punarjan Ayurveda if you need any help in the management of colon/colorectal cancer.

Treatment Procedure For Colon/Colorectal Cancer At Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital Vijayawada

Punarjan Ayurveda is a well-known hospital that offers a holistic way of dealing with colon cancer. 

It focuses on adjusting the body, mind, and soul. Our immunology-based Rasayana Ayurveda treatments add different Ayurveda ways and practices to upgrade the body’s natural recovery process. Other than that, it also works to promote general prosperity. 

Here is a guide to the treatment procedures for colon cancer at Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital, Vijayawada: 

Initial Consultation and Diagnosis

The therapy starts with a proper consultation. Ayurveda professionals examine information about the patient’s clinical history, way of life, and current health status. Ways like Nadi Pariksha and a proper physical assessment are used to understand the patient’s condition and the phase of the cancer. 

Customized Treatment 

After diagnosis, a customized treatment plan is made. This plan is customized to the patient’s Prakriti, the nature of the cancer, and side effects. The customized treatment aim is to bring harmony to the body’s doshas.


Detoxification is a very important stage in the treatment process. Panchakarma is a bunch of five purifying treatments. It is utilized to wipe Ama out of the body. 

Natural Cures and Remedies

Ayurveda herbs that are made from healing plants with anti-cancer properties are used here. These remedies help protect immunity, reduce irritation, and fight colon cancer cells. 

Diet and Nourishment

A balanced diet plan, according to Ayurveda dietary standards, is given. The eating routine suggests fresh fruits & veggies. The diet adds food sources that are easily digestible and help immunity. Dietary suggestions are made to avoid food varieties that disturb the doshas. 

Way of Life and Stress Management

Patients need to choose a healthy lifestyle for betterment. It can include regular physical activity, yoga, and meditation. Stress management strategies are added to the treatment to help mental and emotional wellness. 

Regular Observing and Support

Constant monitoring of the patient’s betterment is led through regular follow-ups. Adjustments to the treatment plan are made to guarantee ideal results. Emotional and psychological support is also there to help patients adapt to the difficulties of colon cancer treatment. 

Punarjan Ayurveda’s all-round approach plans to treat colon cancer by understanding the hidden causes of the illness. This upgrades the body’s natural recovery processes and further develops the patient’s quality of life.

Colon/Colorectal Cancer Treatment Cost In Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital Vijayawada

Colon cancer treatment costs at Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital in Vijayawada are differently created. 

Mainly because it adds modern knowledge of immunology with traditional Rasayana Ayurveda ways. Rasayana Ayurveda is the hospital’s focus and has shown great results. This treatment tries to treat cancer’s root causes rather than just focusing on its symptoms. The whole process is done by recovering the body, strengthening immunity, and providing treatment.

Perks of Choosing Punarjan Ayurveda 

The treatment cost:

A few factors, such as the stage, type, complexity of the treatment, and length, can impact the overall cost. Rasayana Ayurveda medicines are known for their natural ways and have no side effects at all. The cost can change depending on the particular herbs and treatments used. But one thing can be said with a guarantee that the cost of any cancer treatment here is a lot less in comparison with other common treatments. This benefit offers financial comfort for many cancer patients.

Patient Support

Punarjan Ayurveda strongly deals with patient support by providing therapies, pain management, and dietary guidelines. The hospital also helps with unwinding methods and regular tests and check-ups. All of these without creating a hole inside a common man’s pocket. This proper consideration guarantees that patients are treated therapeutically. Also, equally sincerely and mentally all through their treatment process.


It is suggested that Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital be contacted directly in order to get a proper estimate and know the specific cost structure. They offer online consultations, which can be helpful in getting a sense of the treatment plan and all the related costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can colon cancer develop in 1 year?
Colon cancer commonly develops over many years. It begins as harmless polyps that slowly become dangerous. But, there are some situations where colon cancer grows quickly. Possibly in the span of a year. Mainly if there are high-risk factors like specific hereditary transformations or past serious gut illnesses. Even for people who don’t show any symptoms, regular screenings are important. They are for early detection and prevention. If you have a family history of colon cancer or other risk factors, consult with your primary physician about the proper screening plan.
Colon cancer usually spreads at a moderate speed. The pace of movement depends on different factors—for example, the cancer’s stage, tumor type, and the patient’s overall health. Beginning phase colon cancer is restricted, mainly to the internal layers of the colon wall. If undetected, it can spread to local lymph hubs and far-off organs. For example, the liver and lungs. This cycle is known as metastasis. Regular screenings are important for early detection and effective therapy. This can surely slow the spread of colon cancer.

The recovery time for colon cancer treatment differs. It is based on things like the cancer’s stage, the kind of treatment, and the patient’s general wellness. Recovery post-surgery can take a little while or a couple of months. Chemotherapy or radiation treatment could stretch out the recovery period but with side effects. It is because of side effects. Overall, patients might begin to feel better within months post-treatment. But complete healing can take six months or longer. Monitoring and managing any long-term effects or complications are a must. It can be done through regular follow-up care. Individual recovery times can shift altogether.

Colon cancer is generally common among aged men—especially those fifty or even older. But the number of young people is also rising. Risk factors include a family history of the disease and specific hereditary conditions. Also, a diet high in red or handled meats, smoking, too much liquor use, obesity, and physical inactivity. Serious gut illnesses can also cause the disease. Racial and ethnic reasons are there, too. Early identification through regular screening is important, mainly for better treatment results.
People with colon cancer can feel very tired and weak. This can make them want to sleep more. The cancer itself can make them feel this way. Treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, along with stress, can make it worse. A common side effect is anemia, which also makes people very tired. Sleep problems can be different for each person. Some might have trouble sleeping or wake up often because of pain and worry. For those affected, managing their symptoms is the best way to improve their sleep quality. They must receive supportive care properly.
A colon cancer patient must plan to drink 8–10 cups of water each day. Hydration is very important for helping with the main physical processes, especially during treatment, which can cause dehydration. Age, weight, type of treatment, and level of activity all impact a patient’s needs. Patients need to ask their medical care expert to fit their liquid admission according to their necessities. Proper hydration can help reduce side effects. It also keeps up with energy levels and supports general health during cancer treatment.
The biggest symptom is a change in bowel habits. It is usually a very common symptom of colon cancer. These things can last for more than a few weeks. Blood in the stool and constant abdominal discomfort can also happen. There is also a sensation that the bowel does not empty completely. Weakness and unexplained weight loss can be seen, too. Early-stage colon cancer may not cause symptoms and needs routine screenings for early detection, especially for people beyond fifty. Those with a family history of the disease should be careful as well.
The lifespan of untreated colon cancer shifts broadly. It depends on factors like the disease stage and general health. The beginning phase of colon cancer can advance for many years. But without treatment, it will ultimately progress to additional serious stages. When it arrives at an advanced stage, life risks become serious. It commonly goes from a couple of months to a couple of years. Overall, people with untreated colon cancer can live for around 6 months to two years. Nonetheless, these things can differ among patients. Early identification and treatment are the main factors in the further development of results and survival rates.
The area of pain from colon cancer can change based on the stage and location of the cancer. The beginning phases may not present extreme pain. But when the cancer advances, common areas of pain are the lower mid-region, rectum, or back. Discomfort can also appear during discharges, with changes in stool consistency. Nonetheless, it’s important to know that not all people with colon cancer experience extreme pain. The side effects can shift generally. Regular screenings and familiarity with expected signs are keys to early detection and treatment.
It’s not always possible to completely cure colon cancer, but Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital has a special way of treating it. We use a mix of modern science and traditional Ayurveda. Our treatments help the body’s immune system fight cancer more effectively. Their unique method gives patients a better chance of getting better. We use Rasayana Ayurveda, which includes special herbal medicines, to make the body stronger. By focusing on the root cause of cancer and balancing the body’s natural energies (doshas), not only does our treatment ease the symptoms, but it also aims to improve health in general and maybe even keep cancer away for a long time.