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Best Oral Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Vijayawada

Any cancer detection is not an easy journey, including oral cancer. But it is not possible to pick just one best hospital from anywhere. The reason is multiple medical institutions are doing a great job. However, one Ayurveda hospital has grabbed special attention. Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals is among one of the Best Oral Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Vijayawada. The hospital’s unique and effective treatment is gaining recognition all over. People from the entire country come for treatment here. Be it oral cancer or other serious problems.

More than a lakh people have become better with Punarjan Therapy. We have a success rate of 97% so far. The best thing about our treatment is our dedicated team . “Join us on this journey to heal and stay healthy.” Let go of the cancer and get your life back.

Why Choose Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals for Oral Cancer Treatment?

Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals has a history of more than two decades of detailed research and practice. Especially in the field of cancer care and management. 

Ayurveda specialists working for this reputed clinical institution try to heal every patient long-term. Punarjan Ayurveda uses ancient manuscripts for holistic healing. They have treatments for various issues, including oral cancer. The utilization of Rasayana ayurveda treatment for cancer has been the brainchild of our hospital. The use has brought huge changes in the field of Ayurveda oral cancer treatment.

Perks of Choosing Punarjan Ayurveda for Oral Cancer Treatment

The hospital has experienced Ayurveda practitioners, experts, and dietitians for the patients. So they can get the best quality of treatment. Other than that, here at Punarjan Ayurveda, experts don’t take mental wellness lightly. In fact, the mental well-being of any patient matters as much as physical health. We understand that cancer can be equally damaging to the mind, just like the body. For this very specific reason, the hospital has a hands-on team of therapists to look after its patients’ mental health and wellness.

Oral cancer can be very scary too. Especially when the cancer has reached an advanced stage. Ayurveda, thorough research, customized treatment plans according to every patient’s conditions and specific requirements, and boost the patient’s natural immune system. Through natural ways and enhancements, the recovery results have been excellent. 

The Ayurveda process of fighting oral cancer also has a lot to do with holistic ways. Some of them are dietary changes, lifestyle alterations, regular health screenings, and stress management techniques. 


Punarjan Ayurveda cancer treatment does not only focus on symptomatic treatment. where there is a chance of cancer repetition. Instead, it tries to heal the body from within. It automatically results in a solid immune system and can prevent cancer from occurring inside the body again. 

Types Of Oral Cancer

Oral cancers are common and can happen to anyone. But tachey are usually seen in older people.Some types of oral cancers areatalked about below.

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) 

It includes almost every type of oral cancer. It can grow in different places.

  • Carcinoma of the Vertex 

A subtype of SCC, it is a slow-developing cancer. It usually develops in the gums, cheeks, and lips and resembles a wart. This kind is strongly linked to using smokeless tobacco for a long time.

  • Minor Salivary Organ Carcinomas 

Minor salivary glands scattered throughout the mouth and throat lining are the source of these cancers. Despite the fact that they are less common, their different appearance and potential for aggressive behavior make them important.

  • Lymphomas 

Tonsils and even the base of the tongue can be affected in such cases. These aggressive cancers need prompt diagnosis and treatment.

  • Melanoma 

Usually rare and typically more aggressive than skin melanomas, oral melanomas are common. They frequently occur on the hard palate and gums and originate from pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. These cancers will quite often be analyzed at later stages because of their mild signs.

  • Sarcomas 

Rare are oral sarcomas, such as osteosarcoma and Kaposi’s sarcoma. Osteosarcoma influences the jawbone, while Kaposi’s sarcoma, connected to human herpesvirus 8, is more seen in people with weak immunity. For example those with HIV.


There are different types of oral cancer. Each has its own characteristics as well as risk factors. Early detection through regular dental checkups and awareness of risk factors can show better treatment results. Punarjan therapy has been a promising approach these days for better outcomes and overall health. Contact us for painless, less expensive therapy.

Immunotherapy Treatment For Oral Cancer

Immunotherapy for oral cancer uses the body’s natural immunity to attack and combat cancer cells.

One great example is immune-designated spot inhibitors. These block proteins stop natural immunity from killing cancer cells. These treatments can be powerful for different cancers. It works in the same way for oral cancer. They offer great support when common therapies don’t work. Clinical trials are supporting the growth of these methods. They try to develop further recovery results and lessen side effects.

Ayurveda Immunotherapy Treatment for Oral Cancer

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medication form that has supportive ways to deal with oral cancer. It is based on improving the body’s natural immune reaction towards cancer. Immunotherapy in Ayurveda includes using different herbs, dietary practices, and lifestyle changes.

These things help the immune system and work on a patient’s overall health. Major Ayurveda herbs try to support resistance and possibly help in oral cancer management. The list adds Ashwagandha for its mitigating properties and Turmeric, which is known for its anti-cancer impacts. Another important one is guduchi, which helps the immune system react and protects against cancer.

Ayurveda experts also talk about the importance of a balanced diet. These are custom-made to the patient’s Prakriti. Adding food varieties that are not difficult to digest and rich in important nutrients. Such diets mostly include whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats.

Also, yoga, meditation, and regular physical activity are necessary for Ayurveda immunotherapy. These practices help to reduce dress and work on mental health. That is how they increase physical resistance. It eventually supports the body’s capacity to battle oral cancer.


Ayurveda has great ways of recovery and betterment. But, it is important for patients to practice the ways under the guidance of an expert. Punarjan ayurveda hospitals are such a brilliance with Punarjan therapy can guarantee a proper prototype to oral cancer and bring back a smile on patients face.

Rasayana Ayurveda Treatment For Oral Cancer

Rasasindooram and Rasabhasma are extremely important parts of Ayurveda treatment plans. They are commonly used in Rasayana treatment for oral cancer. 

It means they heal the body and increase the overall quality of life. Rasasindooram is a powerful healing property in Ayurveda. It is created by using mercury and sulfur. It is known for its properties, too. Rasasindooram helps protect immunity and treats serious diseases like cancer. The process carefully cleanses and mixes mercury with sulfur. 

Rasabhasma is metal or mineral ash. It is also commonly used in Ayurveda cancer treatment. These bhasmas are created by following proper steps. The steps guarantee that they are harmless and can be safely used. Commonly used Rasabhasmas are Swarna Bhasma and Rajata Bhasma. They are known for their healing and supporting properties. 

Both these elements are a must when it comes to Rasayana ayurveda treatment for various cancers. They have important advantages in protecting health, preventing sickness, and boosting general wellness.

Role of Rasayana Ayurveda in Oral Cancer Care

Rasayana treatment is an important part of Ayurveda oral cancer treatment. It is all about holistic recovery. Rasayana has shown great benefits in oral cancer therapy. Rasayana treatments try to work on patients’ quality of life. 

This part of Ayurveda also supports regular cancer medicines. Different herbs are used here, and all of them are known for their healing properties. These herbs also help with chemotherapy side effects. They lessen irritation, other than supporting overall health. 

Customized dietary habits and lifestyle changes are also basic parts of Rasayana treatment. Such things strengthen the body’s resistance and mental health. Modern confirmation is still growing. But, a lot of examinations and practices suggest that Rasayana ayurveda can be a huge help in oral cancer. It develops strength and helps in recovery. 


At Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals, we use a special treatment called Rasayana Ayurveda to help people with oral cancer. This treatment helps make a balanced and effective therapy plan. We care deeply about our patients and use Punarjan therapy with Rasayana Ayurveda medicine to support their recovery. This helps the body heal naturally and improves the patient’s quality of life.

Symptoms, causes, risk factors, and complications of oral cancer

Oral cancer happens in the mouth region, where it can affect the lips, tongue, gums, internal cheeks, upper bed, and floor of the mouth. We would like to alert you with some essential information about the symptoms, causes, risk factors, and complications of oral cancer to help in early acknowledgment and treatment.


Out of many symptoms, a persistent sore is a common one. You may likewise see red or white patches in your mouth. Additionally, a cheek lump or thickening are some known symptoms. Another warning sign is difficulty chewing, swallowing, or moving the jaw or tongue. Remember that numbness or persistent bad breath in the mouth or tongue can be signs of oral cancer. 


The main cause could be changes in the cells DNA of the mouth or we can call it a cellular mutation. There are a number of things that can trigger these changes. Tobacco is the leading cause. Extreme liquor utilization is also a significant reason. A mix of tobacco and liquor use builds the gamble much more. With all the above, the human papillomavirus (HPV) and prolonged sun exposure can affect the lips.

Risk Factors:

There are certain elements that can increase the risk of acquiring oral cancer. For example, age is a big risk factor; people over 40 are more likely to get affected. Orientation likewise assumes a part. A family history can also increase the risk. 


Oral cancer can result in many serious side effects. It has the potential to spread to the lungs and lymph nodes if not treated promptly. Treatment becomes more difficult gradually. Oral cancer can likewise cause agony and trouble eating, drinking, and, in many cases, talking. In the long run, it could result in malnutrition and weight loss. 

So, it is our suggestion to understand oral cancer’s symptoms, causes, risk factors, and complications and have an idea of how to optimize your lifestyle. Treatment and early detection can improve outcomes. Also, its risk can be reduced by avoiding tobacco, limiting drinking, and eating a healthy diet. Standard check-ups with a dental specialist can assist with detecting oral cancer early.

Punarjan Ayurveda, with its wisdom rooted in the ancient life science of Rasayana Ayurveda, treats cancer with an integrative approach. If anyone around you is looking for cancer treatment, refer to our treatment, which has no pain or side effects.

Treatment Procedure For Oral Cancer At Punarjan

Punarjan Ayurveda is a well-known hospital with a holistic way of dealing with oral cancer. It focuses on balancing the body, mind, and soul. The treatment technique adds different Ayurveda ways and remedies to upgrade the body’s natural recovery process. Other than that, it also works to promote general wellness. 

Here is a guide to the treatment procedures for oral cancer at Punarjan Ayurveda: 

Initial Consultation and Diagnosis

The therapy starts with a proper consultation. Ayurveda professionals examine information about the patient’s clinical history, way of life, and current health. Processes like Nadi Pariksha and a proper physical assessment are used to understand the patient’s condition. They also help detect the phases of cancer.

Customized Treatment 

After diagnosis, a customized treatment plan is made for patients. This plan is customized to the patient’s Prakriti, the nature of the cancer, and its side effects. 


Detoxification is a very important stage of the treatment. Panchakarma is a bunch of five purifying treatments. It is used to wipe Ama out of the body. 

Natural Cures and Remedies

Herbs and meds ready from healing plants with anti-cancer properties are commonly used here. These remedies help with protecting immunity, reduce irritation, and attack cancer cells. 

Diet and Nourishment

According to Ayurveda dietary standards, a balanced diet plan is given by experts. The eating routine suggests fresh, natural products. The diet adds food sources that are easily digestible and help to increase immunity. 

Way of Life and Stress Management

Patients here choose a healthy lifestyle for long-term wellness. It can include regular physical activity, yoga, and meditation. Stress management strategies are also added to the treatment. It helps mental and emotional wellness. 

Regular Observing and Support

Constant monitoring of the patient’s betterment is led through regular follow-ups. Changes to the treatment plan are made to guarantee the best results. Emotional help is given to help patients adapt to the difficulties of cancer treatment. 


Punarjan Ayurveda’s all-rounder approach to treating cancer is great. It tries to understand the hidden causes of the illness. It goes in the same way for oral cancer as well. This adds to the body’s natural recovery capabilities and further develops the patient’s quality of life.

Oral Cancer Treatment Cost In Punarjan Hospital Vijayawada

Oral cancer treatment costs at Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital in Vijayawada are differently structured in the best way possible.
Mainly because it adds modern knowledge of therapies in traditional Ayurveda ways. Rasayana Ayurveda is the hospital’s focus and has shown great treatment results for advanced oral cancer. This treatment tries to treat cancer’s root causes rather than just focusing on its symptoms. The whole process is done by recovering the body, increasing immunity, and offering the right treatment.

Benefits of Choosing Punarjan Ayurveda

The comparatively low treatment cost:

A few factors, such as the stage, type, complexity of the treatment, and length, surely impact the total cost. Ayurveda medicines are known for their natural ways and have no side effects. The cost can change depending on the particular herbs and treatments that are being used. But one thing can be said with certainty that the cost of oral cancer treatment here is a lot less in comparison with other hospitals. This benefit gives financial comfort to many cancer patients.

Patient Support:

Punarjan Ayurveda strongly deals with patient support by providing therapies, pain management, and dietary guidelines. The hospital also helps with stress-reducing methods and regular tests followed by health check-ups. All of these without making a hole inside a common man’s pocket. This kind of consideration guarantees that oral cancer patients are treated therapeutically.  Also, equally sincerely and mentally all through their treatment journey.


It is better to contact Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals directly in order to get a proper estimate and know the specific cost structure. We offer online consultations, which can be helpful in getting a sense of the treatment plan and all the related costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cure for mouth cancer?

Unfortunately, there is definitely not a single cure for mouth cancer. The best therapy depends on different things like the stage and area of the cancer. Notwithstanding, there are different treatment choices available. Early recognition is the key for proper treatment. Some common treatment choices are surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. These ways can be used alone or in a mix. Ayurveda treatment for mouth cancer is also receiving enough appreciation. If you are worried about mouth cancer, seeing an expert for regular checkups is important. Early detection is vital to successful treatment.

It is actually impossible to choose one hospital as the best oral cancer hospital. Today, people have so many options to choose from. But one name always comes up for its unique and effective treatment. The name is Punarjan Ayurveda Cancer Hospital. Experienced over two decades, the hospital has many branches all over the country. Not only in India but people abroad are also choosing Ayurveda as a support therapy for cancer.

Stage 4 oral cancer is hard to cure because of its advanced nature. It usually spreads to different parts. Treatment usually is about controlling the illness. Also, supporting the quality of life. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and targeted therapy are all helpful. At times Ayurveda immunotherapy is used. Early recognition and proper treatment can cause reduction. However, the identification depends on factors like general health and specific cancer nature. Also, a lot to do with reactions to treatment. Regular follow-ups and strong treatment are keys to managing side effects. They also improve the patient’s wellness.

Preventing oral cancer adds a mix of lifestyle decisions and medical knowledge. Stay away from tobacco and too much alcohol. Both are big risk factors. Keep up with great oral cleanliness and visit the dental expert routinely for check-ups. Protect your lips from too much sunlight. It can be done by using lip balms with SPF. Eat a balanced diet rich in natural supplements to support your immunity. Moreover, vaccination against HPV is a must. It is an infection connected to oral cancer. For effective treatment and improved results, early detection is essential.

Mouth cancer, or oral cancer, is most common in people after their forties. The risk goes up a lot as you get older. Aged people are more likely to be diagnosed with it. However, it can also happen to younger people. Especially to those with risk factors like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, HPV infection, or a family history. Routine dental check-ups and attention to symptoms can support early discovery. It will naturally develop treatment results.

Mouth cancer cannot be detected by blood tests only. But, by identifying signs of cancer, they can give supportive information. A proper physical examination, biopsy, and imaging tests are needed for a perfect diagnosis. Blood tests can help with understanding general health. They can also understand indications of cancer effects. However, a tissue biopsy is the highest quality level for diagnosing mouth cancer. Routine dental check-ups and a brief idea of symptoms are the key for early identification.

Mouth cancer can be visible. It can be seen as wounds, bumps, or patches in the mouth that don’t heal. Common signs include steady white or red patches and swelling. In some cases, there can be bleeding, or developments on the gums, tongue, or within the cheeks. Pain or trouble in biting, or moving the jaw can also be signs. A medical expert needs to examine any ongoing and unusual changes in the mouth. This is because early detection is very important. Regular dental check-ups help in early proof and therapy of possible oral cancers.
Everywhere, the kind of treatment and the hospital can impact how much oral cancer treatment costs. The overall expense can’t be specific. It depends on the kind of radiation used. Chemotherapy expenses depend on each session and every meeting for oral chemotherapy. Furthermore, Punarjan Ayurveda in Vijayawada has a mix of natural cures and modern science. This can offer a more balanced treatment choice. It’s important to contact experts for the nitty gritty of treatment and its costs.
A head and neck oncologist or oral surgeon is the best doctor for oral cancer. People need to go to them for early detection. Experienced Ayurveda experts can also identify and heal symptoms. Such experts can recognize, diagnose, and treat oral cancer. Surgery is performed by a dental expert or a doctor. Some experts will refer patients to these doctors for additional check-ups. Proper detection adds a physical examination, imaging studies, and biopsy. These professionals’ early detection can hugely increase treatment results.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian arrangement of medication. It offers proper therapies for oral cancers. They are based on holistic methods like eating routines, natural cures, and lifestyle changes. Such things to work on overall wellness and possibly reduce cancer symptoms. But, people need more research to prove that Ayurveda can fix oral cancer alone. Traditional treatments like surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are common techniques to treat oral cancer. Adding Ayurveda practices can help for sure in side effect management and bringing overall quality of life. But people should not replace regular treatments. The best thing would be to strike a balance between both.