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25+ Years of Research | Abstains recurrence
  • Root Cause Treatment For Cancer
  • Detoxifies body by eliminate root cause not just symptoms
  • Works on Cancer Mutation
  • Painless Cancer Treatment
  • No Side Effects No Chemotherapy No Radiation
  • Immune boosting by bioavailable herbs and minerals

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Punarjan Therapy

Punarjan Therapy is the only answer to beat Cancer. Our treatment is based on cancer Immunology. Reach out to know more about Punarjan Therapy

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Punarjan Ayurveda has a special way of treating cancer called Rasayana Ayurveda. The goal of our method is to strengthen your body’s immune system with natural Rasayana formulations and herbs. Punarjan Ayurveda has helped more than 1,00,000+ people get better using this method. An amazing 97% of these people are happy with how their treatment worked out.

With an extensive research of more than 2 decades, we treat cancer without pain and any unwanted side effects. Our research team at the hospital always looks for new ways to make treatment better.

Suppose, it could be hard to treat cancer in its fourth stage, but Punarjan Ayurveda wants to help these people. It is our affordable treatments we customize to each patient’s unique needs. This helps you deal with any complications helping you live a better life. Our treatments have helped a lot of people feel better and given them hope.

Integrative Cancer Care:

Punarjan Ayurveda hospital offers a wide range of services to make sure patients are relaxed and well taken care of during their treatment. Our new integrative method is unique and works because it combines modern study with ancient Ayurvedic wisdom. Our main idea behind this treatment method is ayurvedic immunotherapy.

According to Punarjan Ayurveda, treating cancer in a kind and successful way is possible. We give hope and healing through Rasayana Ayurveda.

Our focus on painless treatment, while dealing with side effects, and taking care of cancer in its challenging stages makes us stand out. We stay on the cutting edge of Ayurvedic immunotherapy with our evolving innovations.

Punarjan Ayurveda stands out as a premier choice for cancer treatment. Our individualized treatment plan, meticulously tailored to each patient, sets us apart. Our focus on ayurvedic immunotherapy, a unique approach, aids in enhancing the body’s natural defenses and controlling tumor spreading.

Our website is a testament of our treatment where you can find numerous authentic testimonials from satisfied patients. We at Punarjan Ayurveda offer free offline and online consultations. Reaching out to our team for any assistance is straightforward. Our team is always available to guide you if you have any questions or concerns about how we treat you.

Emotional support is very intricate in cancer care. For that reason, we additionally provide counseling services to support our patients. We understand that the cancer journey can sometimes lead to hopelessness. Our patient counselors are here to assist you in overcoming emotional obstacles.

Another important part of our treatment process is regular follow-up. We keep a close eye on the patient’s progress to ensure the best results. Our group stays in touch so that we can make any necessary changes to your treatment plan.

A nutritionist’s help with our diet is integral to our cancer care. Because eating well can help your body get stronger while you’re getting care, our experts can help you figure out the best way with a customized diet plan.

Punarjan Ayurveda offers a comprehensive approach to cancer treatment. Our precise treatment plans, ayurvedic immunotherapy, and dedicated support services make us a trusted choice. Choose Punarjan Ayurveda for a holistic and practical cancer treatment experience.

Dr. Bommu Venkateswara Reddy, a leader in the field of integrative cancer care, launched Punarjan Ayurveda Cancer Hospital after more than twenty years of hard study in both Ayurvedic medicine and modern oncology. His main objective was to improve cancer patients’ lives while also helping those who can’t afford expensive treatments.

During this unique path, he focused on the old Ayurvedic knowledge of Rasayana Ayurveda and realized how important the immune system is in fighting cancer. After that, he came up with a unique plan that uses the power of Ayurvedic immunotherapy. All of his work is based on immunology. After that, he worked with a group of experts to create an integrative cancer care plan that mixed Ayurvedic and traditional treatments in a way that was gentle on the body. And that includes cost concerns too.

Dr. Bommu Venkateswara Reddy helps people in need. He has made it his goal throughout his work to make sure that poor people can get access to more advanced cancer treatments.

punarjan ayurveda Director

“ My research on Ayurvedic Immunology led me to this cancer healing approach called Punarjan Therapy. This is how I contribute to the field of cancer treatment. ”

Here at Punarjan Ayurveda, we provide the highest quality services. Distance is never a problem, as we provide online consultations and regular patient follow-ups. We have been into cancer treatment for the past decade and there are thousands of people all over the world embracing Ayurveda for cancer treatment. We protect your financial information through the latest encryption payment gateways, while we also provide dedicated patient support teams.

To address your concern, we offer:

  • Secure Payment Process: Our payment system is safe and secure. We use the safest encryption technology to protect your financial information. Therefore, you can confidently make payments for our services.
  • Online Consultations: We provide regular online consultations with our experts and this is an assurance from Punarjan that you will receive the support and guidance you need at any time.
  • Patient Counseling Team: In uniform time intervals, our dedicated patient counseling team will follow the patient to guide and assist. We understand the emotional and psychological challenges cancer patients face. Our team is trained to provide patients with accurate information and guidance for their health journey. Effective communication is key as well. We make sure that our patients receive clear information and feel heard and confident.

Your trust means the world to us, and we’re here to make your experience with Punarjan Ayurveda as rewarding as possible!

In the USA as well as across the globe, we have successfully treated many cases of 4th-stage cancer. The best Ayurvedic therapy for cancer is Rasayana Ayurveda. Because it addresses the root cause of cancer rather than just its symptoms. It can lower and limit cancer mutations.

We want you to know that, when it comes to cancer treatment, time is of crucial essence. For cancer patients, every second of delay may result in losing hope!

While conquering cancer, our Rasayana Ayurvedic cancer medication will have an immediate effect on free radical cells and provide you with the best quality of life.

Punarjan Therapy for Cancer Treatment

Punarjan Therapy, which has its origins in ancient Indian medicine, allows for the modulation of this oxidative imbalance through the use of Rasayana Ayurveda. The primary mechanisms it employs entail Immunomodulation using herbal formulations. They have the potential to change cytokine profiles and improve immune surveillance capacity in simple terms, Immunomodulation.

Punarjan Ayurveda Treatment Structure


The term Cancer itself can be very hard on your emotions. Punarjan provides steady help through our counselors. We can help you get through cancer and restore your smile.

Doctor Consultation

We offer free online and offline consultations. Whether you are looking for complementary medicine or straight cancer therapy, we are here for you!

Diet Plan

Nutrition has a prominent role in Punarjan Therapy. We will assist you with a customized diet plan that suits your


Besides the diagnosis reports, we also conduct pulse tests (Nadi Pariksha) that ensures feasibility for customized ayurvedic treatment.


1,00,000+ Happy Patients

97% Success Rate

97% Success Rate

25+-Year-of-Experience (1)

25+ Years of Experience

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Punarjan Ayurveda Cancer Hospital is the Best Cancer Hospital In Hyderabad, India offering a unique approach to cancer treatment. With our emphasis on Rasayana Ayurveda, we provide a holistic and natural alternative to chemotherapy and radiation. Our treatments are designed to eliminate cancer cells without causing any harmful side effects. At Punarjan, we believe in harnessing the healing power of Ayurveda to restore health and wellbeing. Choose our hospital for a comprehensive, effective, and safe cancer treatment that focuses on the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Punarjan Ayurveda the best choice for cancer treatment?

Punarjan Ayurveda is a top name in cancer treatment for many reasons. Ayurveda and modern treatment are mixed. Our treatment cures the whole person, not just the illness. We use herbal compounds and Rasayana ingredients, which cut down on the side effects of most treatments. Punarjan care fits the needs of each patient. The Punarjan therapy is based on using nature to heal. This all-around approach to cancer recovery includes being stress free and making changes to their diet and lifestyle. Patients acknowledged that their quality of life improved during Punarjan Therapy.

At Punarjan Ayurveda, our commitment to our patients extends beyond treatment. We are dedicated to their long-term success. Even after therapy, we continue to provide support. Our success stories and personal thanks from those who have recovered are a testament to our ongoing care. Punarjan Ayurveda offers a gentle and successful approach to cancer treatment.

Punarjan Ayurveda offers a wide range of cancer treatments. Its focus is on natural Ayurvedic approaches. Herbal medicines are a key part of its treatment plans. These herbs are carefully chosen for each patient’s specific cancer type. Rasayana Ayurveda, an immunomodulation and natural detoxification process, is used to support and boost the body’s innate immunity to fight cancer.

A big part of our care is making changes to their diet. Our nutritionists offer a diet plan tailored to each person. Yoga is often used to combine breathing techniques and medicine as part of a treatment plan. Punarjan Therapy helps people deal with the side effects of standard treatments. They may sometimes use both Ayurvedic and modern methods together. This method aims to give patients the best of both worlds. Don’t forget that each patient’s treatment plan is special.

Scheduling a consultation at Punarjan Ayurveda is simple. You can start by calling their main office. The number is usually on our website. We are available for WhatsApp video consultations too. Many patients find it easier to fill out the online consultation request form. This form asks for basic information about the patient. Once they receive your request, our team will contact you. We usually respond within 24 hours.

During this process, they’ll ask for more details about your case. They might request medical records or test results. After reviewing your information, our support team will fix an appointment. This could be in-person or by means of video call as it depends upon your location. Feel free to clear all your doubts during the process. We are always there to help you through this. Remember, taking this first step is important in your cancer care journey.

After cancer surgery, Punarjan Ayurveda focuses on healing and recovery. They start with a thorough assessment of your post-surgery condition. Herbal medicines play a significant role in this phase. These herbs aim to reduce inflammation and boost healing. They may also help manage pain naturally. At this point, dietary advice is essential. The right foods can help you get better faster and avoid problems. Slowly, gentle exercises, often based on yoga, are added. These allow you to get your strength and flexibility back. Punarjan therapy, in the first place, enhances the body’s immunity to fight cancer naturally. The treatment also encourages natural detoxification to eliminate residual toxins from surgery and anesthesia. Stress-relieving activities like yoga are also critical. They help with healing both the body and the mind. During this interaction, you will have regular check-ups to determine how things turn out. Cancer treatments can be customized according to the needs of the patient. Remember that getting better takes time, and Punarjan will be with you the whole way.
The Punarjan Ayurveda Cancer Care Center offers a complete range of support services. We know that cancer treatment is more than simply medical treatment. Our professionals provide counseling that enables patients and families to deal with the trauma associated with cancer. Therapists give advice besides our doctors and experts in Ayurveda and treatments for cancer patients. Nutritionists are here to assist patients in creating individual food plans. These plans are both supportive of the treatment and help improve the overall health. They propose yoga and meditation to decrease stress and to increase self-esteem. We also promote the follow-up care and the survivorship programs after the treatment.

Punarjan Ayurveda’s accessibility depends on your location. We have several centers across South India. Our network hospitals operate in major cities like Hyderabad, Vijayawada, and Bangalore, and we are extending them all over India. Punarjan enables you to talk with qualified physicians online through video consultations. Many patients think it’s worth it to go to the hospital for expert care.

If travel is difficult, one can prefer telemedicine consultations. This allows you to get advice from our experts remotely. For treatment, some patients choose to relocate near a Punarjan center temporarily. Our patient care team can guide you on transportation options from your city. It’s best to contact us directly about accessibility from your specific location. We can provide detailed information and help plan your visit. Remember, your health is worth the journey.

Finding the best cancer hospital nearby takes some research. Start by contacting your primary doctor for health-related recommendations. They often know the reputation of local hospitals. The hospital you are looking for should have a dedicated cancer center. These usually provide more specialized care. Check to see if the hospital has proper accreditation. This can ensure that they meet high standards of care. Check about the qualifications and experience of their oncologists.

Hospitals with holistic care and multidisciplinary teams often provide better care. Look into their treatment success rates, if available. Patient reviews can give you insight into the quality of care. Consider the range and types of cancer treatments they offer. This can mean access to cutting-edge therapies. You can also consider practical factors like location and insurance coverage. A hospital visit can help you gauge the facility and staff. Remember, the “best” hospital meets your specific needs.

The cancer treatment options are changing every day. Nowadays, many centers have the option of personalized therapy. These drugs, which target specific cancer cells, have fewer side effects. Another positive development in cancer treatment, immunotherapy. This treatment strengthens the immune system so that the body can eliminate cancer cells by itself. Precision medicine is the new key in fighting cancer. It is a kind of treatment which is planned according to the results of your genetic tests. Proton therapy, which is the best radiation that targets only cancer cells, is available in some areas. It diminishes the injury to normal tissues. For the first time, CAR T-cell therapy has succeeded in many patients suffering from certain blood cancers. These can be the reasons for faster recoveries.

The new cancer treatment might be first tried in the clinical trial before its universal use. Combination therapies, which combine different treatments together, are the ones that give hope. Some centers like us, Punarjan Ayurveda are already using modern medicine along with ancient wisdom like Ayurveda to handle side effects and for a better quality of life during and after the treatment.

Getting a second opinion is smart when facing cancer. Start by asking your current doctor for a referral. They’re often open to second opinions. Major hospitals in your area usually offer this service. You can also search online for “cancer second opinion” in your city. Cancer support organizations sometimes have doctor-finding services. Telemedicine has made it easier to get opinions from distant experts. Remember to gather all your medical records and test results. This helps the second doctor give a thorough opinion.

Some patients travel to larger cities for specialized views. Remember, a second opinion can confirm your diagnosis or offer new options. It’s your right, as a patient, to seek one. Feel free to ask questions during this process by calling Punarjan ayurveda for a second opinion can raise your confidence and allows you to choose correct treatment plan.

Finding hospitals with high success rates in cancer treatment takes some digging. Start by checking national cancer registries. They often publish survival rates for different hospitals. Look for hospitals designated as comprehensive cancer centers. These usually have better outcomes. Some hospitals publish their success rates on their websites. Be sure to compare rates for your specific type of cancer. Remember, “success” can mean different things. It might be survival rates, quality of life, or low complication rates. Ask local cancer support groups for recommendations. They often know which hospitals have good reputations. Your oncologist might know about the success rates of nearby hospitals.

Don’t just look at the numbers. Consider the hospital’s experience with your cancer type. The outcomes are typically superior in hospitals that administer a holistic and broader range of treatments. Remember that certain hospitals like Punarjan Ayurveda deal with cases that are more complex and deliver substantiate overall success rates. So, the “best” hospital does not always have the most patients. It’s the one that works best for your particular circumstance.