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Best Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad
punarjanayurveda punarjanayurveda
Rasayan Ayurveda is the Legendary Treatment it has Reborn Power
punarjanayurveda punarjanayurveda
punarjanayurveda punarjanayurveda punarjanayurveda punarjanayurveda

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In India, Ayurveda was written in our Ancient Scriptures by “Charaka” mentioned in ‘Atharvaveda’ since 5000yrs & it’s been fading from our books. Now, everyone is running behind the allopathic treatments due to the fast recovery rate. But, there are assuredly many diseases which it couldn’t cure. There, Ayurveda comes to the rescue with a 95% success rate.

People are following a misconception that Ayurveda doesn’t heal faster. Sri. Bommu proved them wrong by rediscovering “PUNARJAN AYURVEDA.” A complete ayurvedic medicine for removing the tumor from the “ROOT CAUSE”(ground level) in a much faster & effective manner.

Punarjan Ayurveda has advanced Ayurvedic Formula directly works on the core cause of forming cancer, i.e., FREE RADICAL CELLS or ABNORMAL CELLS are the cells that are half alive and half dead. These free radical cells are born in the LYMPH NODES and are about up to a ’40million’ in number. When Chemotherapy is done, the chance of survival is 2%. Yes, they decrease to 40,000 but damage your immune system, just relieves pain, and spread rapidly to other organs. Therefore, forming a new tumor to a new organ & stopping the functioning of the organ, resulting in death.

About Our Director

Dr. Bommu Venkateshwara Reddy is the MD & founder of Punarjan Ayurveda and researched Indian Tribal life science for 20 Years and active at Rasayana Ayurveda and I am traditional Ayurveda family.

I’m delighted and thankful to God for allowing me to serve humankind in the holistic field of Ayurveda. I am always proud to be born in India, an ancient cultural land with its historical heritage.

CEO & Founder

Dr. Bommu Venkateshwara Reddy


In Atharvaveda, Ayurveda has been written in our ancient scriptures for more than 5000yrs. People just formed a misconception about Ayurveda is a slow process & cannot be cured. But they’re wrong. In reverse, it is a fast-effective agent which kills the abnormal tumour up to 95%, whereas chemotherapies, radiation therapies, etc., have a chance of survival up to 2%.


Health_IconsPunarjan Ayurveda is an advanced ayurvedic formula that directly attacks & removes the “Root cause” of the problem totally due to its naturally extracted anti-carcinogen agents from precious healing herbs.


Over 25yrs of research done by our Highly-qualified Ayurvedic professionals in Ayurveda has proved us to be the No.1 in cancer treatment and various diseases. We have built our ayurvedic medicines so that it does not affect your immune system.


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    Worrying about cancer? Then stop now when you’re getting the best cancer treatment through Ayurveda @ Punarjan.


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    We at Punarjan Ayurveda dedicate all services to eliminate the deadly fear of cancer.


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    Dr. Bommu Venkateshwara Reddy has succeeded in revolutionizing and changing the whole spectrum of Ayurvedic treatment.

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