Unlocking The Power Of Heerak Bhasma

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Heerak Bhasma, also referred to as Vajra Bhasma, is a specialized Ayurvedic formulation derived from diamonds. This unique preparation involves processing the precious gemstone into a powdered form. Recognized by various names like Heerak, Hira, or Vajra Bhasma, this carbon-based medication contains additional elements in trace amounts due to its preparation in iron equipment following the trituration process with herbal extracts.

A Promising Ayurvedic Gem for Health and Vitality”

In Sanskrit, the diamond gemstone is recognized by various names such as Hirak, Vidura, Vajra, Svarichakra, and Tarakam. Known for its exceptional value, brilliance, transparency, and remarkable hardness, it stands as the most precious gemstone on Earth. White diamonds are preferred for internal consumption, while red diamonds are believed to offer benefits in treating various ailments and preventing premature death. The yellow variety is associated with strength, and the black variety is also considered beneficial for several health conditions. Hirak Bhasma remarkable properties aid in maintaining proper blood circulation by clearing obstructions within the coronary arteries. This Ayurvedic preparation provides relief from angina pectoris, stimulates the functioning of the heart, and revitalizes a dilated heart by imparting energy. Additionally, it effectively supports vein contraction, prevents blood clotting, and enhances overall blood circulation, promoting better cardiovascular health.

Heerak Bhasma, renowned as a Rasayana, holds the ability to rejuvenate and revitalize the body. This Ayurvedic preparation offers numerous benefits, including improved complexion, enhanced strength, increased fertility, and heightened potency. It imparts strength not only to the heart and mind but to the entire body as well. With its potent properties, Hirak Bhasma acts as a powerful tonic, promoting optimal nourishment, fortifying the body’s strength and resilience, and aiding in the elimination of various ailments for improved health. Heerak Bhasma is believed to possess excellent properties that can help in fighting cancer by addressing various aspects of the disease.