Blue Turmeric: Health Benefits

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Health Benefits

Blue Turmeric has various medicinal properties than conventional turmeric. Its scientific name is Curcuma caesia. This Blue Turmeric, has an eye feast blue color but it is grown only in some parts of North Eastern India and also in Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh. It is also grown like normal turmeric that takes nine months to grow. Generally Blue turmeric is treated as medicine in addition it is worshipped as a ‘deity’ in Madhya Pradesh.

Blue turmeric is slightly bitter and spicy to taste and has a pungent camphor aroma. It is not used in cooking because it contains more levels of curcumin than regular turmeric.

Curcuminoids are present in Blue Turmeric turmeric and with its anti-inflammatory effects it can treat arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Moreover, blue turmeric contains substantial levels of antioxidants. It helps the body from free radicals and toxins present in our body and reduces inflammation and cancers. By this it might work against cancer and heart disease. Blue Turmeric can reduce respiratory problems and its paste gives relief to gastric related issues. Blue Turmeric can heal the wounds.

Blue Turmeric will show beneficiary effects on diabetes and can reduce skin and lung issues.The root of Blue Turmeric black yellow might be a great solution to many issues from fever, headache, cough to even snakebite treatment.

Precautionary steps

No matter how good Blue Turmeric is for health, it is a medicine only if taken in moderation. Taking more than 500 mg a day may lead to allergies and stomach related issues.

Contrary to its health benefits, most of the Surveys suggest that Blue Turmeric has come to extinction due to over-harvesting and over-consumption. It is our responsibility to protect this Blue Turmeric from extinction.

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