Rasa Shastra: A Treasure Trove For Cancer Treatment

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Over 7000 years ago, ancient Indian sages developed the medical science known as “Ayurveda.” There are 8 branches in Ayurveda, and “Rasayana Tantra” is one among them. The word Rasayana translates to “the way that rasa takes.”

The word “Rasa” defines the primal tissue or plasma, and “Ayana” is the path.

— Charaka 

Due to its complexity, Rasayana Tantra is regarded as “Daiva Vaidya.” Because it is the science that extends life, treats illnesses, and rejuvenates youth. — Sushruta.

According to Ayurveda, The Properties Of The Rasa-Dhatu Can Impact The Tissues (Dhatus) In The Human Body. For this reason, any medication that enhances the quality of rasa is referred to as a Rasayana. These elements strengthen or promote health in all body tissues.

Below are the dominant qualities that have been reported in the past. Hence, our ancestors used Rasayana Tantra for;

  • Age prevention
  • Youth Rejuvenation
  • Physical strength
  • Better memory and intelligence
  • Disease Prevention
  • Promote longevity

An Example:

There was a study of “Amruta,” biologically known as Tinospora Cordifolia. This herb can raise the bone marrow’s proliferative fractions and cause leukocytosis. It is a discovery! This process is reversed, and apoptosis is induced with a slight dose increase. This paradox was thought to be caused by the drug’s impact on the gene c-myc. Depending on the environment, it can both promote proliferation and trigger apoptosis.

Here are a few recent developments in the rasayana medicine industry. Looking at it, it appears that rasayana herbs act as:

  1. Adaptogen
  2. Immunomodulator
  3. Pro-host probiotic
  4. Immunostimulant
  5. Anti-mutagenic

Priceless Words Of Charaka And Sushrutha:

We interpret Rasayana as “Vitalizing or Rejuvenating.” But on the other hand, ancient saints such as Charaka and Sushrutha, who bestowed us with the knowledge of this great science, define that;

“With a Rasayana, a person can achieve longevity and reclaim youth, vitality, vigor, intelligence, and memory. Rasayana also provides a protective shield like immunity to sickness and acquires the strength of a horse and a glossy complexion.”

                                                                                                                                                                                       —————Words of Charaka 

“A Rasayana is an anti-aging substance, lengthens life expectancy, fosters intelligence and memory, and boosts resistance to sickness.”

                                                                                                                                                                                        —————-Words of Sushruta

Radioprotective Agents In Cancer Management:

The human body is radiosensitive. The sensitivity of healthy tissues makes it challenging to use ionizing radiation. But at the same time, this process is essential for treating cancer. It helps as an objective that can selectively protect normal cells from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. However, most substances have demonstrated insufficient practical utility because of their toxicity, unfavorable side effects, and high cost.

On the other hand, recent research has demonstrated radioprotective properties in several traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicines. A few such drugs are Amritaprasham, Ashwagandha Rasayana, Brahma Rasayana, Chyavanprasha, Narasimha Rasayana, and Triphala Churna.

This study made an effort to synthesize the radioprotective properties associated with various Ayurvedic medicines and the mechanisms behind these radioprotective benefits.

Ayurvedic Mechanism For Radioprotective Effect:

Some Rasayana medications have radioprotective properties. However, the precise mechanism of the witnessed radioprotective action causing this is unknown. It is reasonable to suppose that various protective agents are simultaneously acting. Because these formulations comprise a variety of plants with unique pharmacological properties, some of which have radioprotective effects.

A few of the researched and reported mechanisms are explained below;

Free Radical Scavenging:

Triphala, Chyavanaprasha, and Brahma Rasayana are ayurvedic medicines with antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties. Experiments indicate that Brahma Rasayana scavenged the hydroxyl, superoxide, and nitric oxide produced in vitro and the lipid peroxidation caused by Fe2+ – ascorbate and Fe3+-ADP-ascorbate.

Increase In Antioxidant Enzymes:

According to experts, Triphala and Brahma Rasayana are known to boost levels of glutathione and antioxidant enzymes. In addition, they will provide oxidative stress protection.

Anti-Mutagenic Activities:

There is growing proof that the several phytochemicals, botanicals, and compound formulations found in Rasayana shastra can work as mutagenesis and carcinogenesis inhibitors.

Inhibition Of Lipid Peroxidation:

The alcoholic and aqueous extracts of Rasayana both reduce microsomal lipid peroxidation caused by enzymatic and non-enzymatic means in a concentration-dependent manner. Moreover, Triphala is observed to reduce radiation-induced lipid peroxidation.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects:

The alcoholic and aqueous extracts of Rasayana reduce microsomal lipid peroxidation caused by enzymatic and non-enzymatic means. This process is a concentration-dependent manner, according to experiments. 

Hemopoietic Stimulation:

According to certain studies, Rasayana medicines can counteract the cytotoxic effects of anticancer medications. And this is done by stimulating hemopoietin production.

Adaptogenic And Antistress Properties:

It has been shown experimentally on albino rats that even oral consumption of Triphala can dramatically reduce the behavioral and biochemical abnormalities brought on by cold and noise stress.

Immune Modulation:

Rasayanas are known to have immunomodulating effects. Unlike conventional drugs, they Stimulate The Immune System Without Affecting The Body’s Other Fundamental Functions. Rasayana treatment boosts the number of lymphocytes, absolute polymorphonuclear cells, and leukocytes in mice’s peripheral blood without affecting their liver or kidney function.

It is the reason that Rasayana medicines can be used as a complement to allopathy drugs.


An eight-year-old boy started to suffer from heavy sweating, vomiting, dizziness, excruciating migraines, and blurred vision. When diagnosed, it was ultimately discovered to be a tumor in the cerebellar pilocytic astrocytoma of the brain. After 2 years, he underwent surgery and radiation but did not receive chemotherapy. In the same year, the tumor recurred, and a tremor in the left arm was identified.

Some of his friends recommended Ayurveda Cell Nourishment Treatment. And the patient started receiving treatment. CNTs treated him in the suggested methods. Today, most of the grievances are no longer against him. The MRI scan showed no residual lesion. His general well-being is good after this.

The Takeaway:

Recent Research Has Demonstrated The Efficacy Of The Rasayana Medicines such as Chyavanprash, Triphala, Brahma, Ashwagandha, Narasimha Rasayanas, and Amritaprasham can reduce the ionizing radiation’s damaging effects. In addition, it can help achieve physiologically feasible nontoxic levels. Simultaneously, the radioprotective effects may have resulted from several processes, including free radical scavenging, lipid peroxidation prevention, and DNA damage inhibition. Besides, it protects and helps as a quick bone marrow progenitor following cytotoxic therapy, increase or restoration of glutathione levels, and antioxidant status of enzymes.

If you have any of these Cancer symptoms, take Ayurveda treatment, and it will help reduce the cause of the disease and help you come out of cancer.