Cancer Cure Through A Rainbow On Our Food Plate

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Do you know, we have a rainbow in our food…

Yes… By listening to this, we feel so surprised. But we have a rainbow in our food that is served on our plate in the form of vegetables and fruits.

As Rainbow in the sky gives an excited happiness for sometime but we can enjoy the real happiness of health throughout our lifetime by maintaining a rainbow diet on a regular lifestyle habit with the fact “Health is the real Wealth”.

Let us know about the rainbow diet and its advantages on our health…

Having seven colours in a rainbow makes it colourful and beautiful, similarly our eating plate also includes different colours of vegetables and fruits that gives vibrant health to the human beings.

Let’s decode the vegetable and fruit based on colour by its health benefits…


Carotenoid and lycopene pigment gives red colour and so it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Some studies on lycopene showed beneficial effects on the health of heart, skin, eye, and brain.

Recent research tells that Lycopene has anticancer properties by reducing inflammation and also reduces the risk of diabetes.

Vegetables: Beets, Radishes, Red onions and Red peppers

Fruits: Strawberry, Tomato, Raspberry, Watermelon, Cranberry, and Cherries


Orange colour is because of the pigments alpha and beta-carotene. These pigments combine to make vitamin-A in the body. Intake of carotene rich foods and vegetables gives better improvement in the nervous system, eye, bones, skin, heart and boosts immune system responses.

This group also contains beta-cryptothanxin that helps cell communication process and helps in preventing heart disease. A 2018 study suggests the beta carotene admission could diminish heart stroke and malignant growth.

Vegetables : Carrots, Yams, and Pumpkins

Fruits : Apricots, Peaches, Mangoes, Papaya, and Oranges


This yellow food variety includes luteinzeaxanthin and different phytochemicals. Pineapple contains a specific substance bromelain that helps in digestion.

Vegetables: Yellow peppers, Pumpkins

Fruits : Winter squash, Summer squash Bananas, pineapple, mangoes, Lemon, Melon and Corn


These contain folic acid, potassium, nutrient A,C,E, K and dietary fibre.

Cruciferous vegetables have substances like sulforaphane, indoles and isothiocyanates that lessen the cell harm, inflammation and stops cancer development.

Vitamin K aids in blood coagulating. Dietary fibre present in these can convey a better stomach wellbeing and improve the bowel movements.

Vegetables: Mixed greens, Broccoli, Bok choy, mint, celery, cucumbers, green beans, Green ringer peppers, Lettuce, Parsley, Spinach, and spices

Fruits: Limes, Avocados, Kiwi, Honeydew melons, and Zucchini

Brown & White

Don’t give less importance to these as they are not bright, but they are rich in potassium. It enhances the heart health and also reduces cramping in humans.

Allicin is present in garlic and other alliums that have Anticancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. This group also contains antioxidant flavonoids like quercetin that controls blood sugar, prevents heart issues and kills cancer cells.

Vegetables: Onions, Cauliflower, Garlic, Leeks, Parsnips, Turnips, Radish, and Mushrooms (Fungi)

Blue & Purple

Anthocyanins and proanthocyanidin pigments in blue & purple plant foods make them brain-loving and the research study on anthocyanin activity tells that it improves brain function and prevents neurological disorders.

Anthocyanins have anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties that will give cardiovascular health and eye health.

A review study in 2021 confirmed anthocyanin rich food sources can diminish the effect of free radicals and its oxidative stress inturn safeguards cells from harm.

Vegetables: Egg plant, Purple cabbage

Fruits: Blueberries, Blackberries, figs, grapes, and plums

Health Benefits Of Rainbow Diet

Wide spectrum of health benefits are present by following the rainbow diet. Let’s explore all the benefits for human healthcare.

Cancer prevention

  • Antioxidants and phytonutrients in this diet have a natural power to prevent cancer which is a gift from nature. Antioxidants neutralise the free radicals by thus reducing the oxidative stress that in turn damages the cell. This might progress to cancer.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties of this diet lowers the inflammation in the body as inflammation may have a chance to prolong as cancer. This diet assists in eliminating cancer-causing substances from the body that guides in the detoxification process.

Heart health

  • Fruits and vegetables have antioxidants that give healthy blood vessels and lower the circulatory strain to the heart.
  • This diet controls cholesterol levels and decreases plaque formation in the arteries thus preventing heart attacks and strokes.

Boosts immune function

  • Vitamin C in citrus fruits directs the production of white blood cells that controls infections in the body and makes us healthy.
  • Vitamin A present in carrots gives better immune function and keeps up skin and eye health.

Digestive health

  • Abundant dietary fibre in green leafy vegetables and whole fruits aids in a better gut environment by preventing constipation.
  • Magnesium in leafy greens relaxes the muscles in the digestive tract, helps in smooth food passage and prevents cramping issues.
  • Folic acid in fruits helps in new cell formation that provides overall digestive health.

Skin health

  • Vitamin C in fruits plays a key role in collagen production that makes skin firm and helps in anti- ageing.
  • Vitamin E in nuts and spinach has skin protecting properties that guards skin damage and prevents inflammation in skin.
  • Water from fruits and vegetables prevents dryness of skin and maintains skin elasticity.

Eye health

  • Beta-carotene keeps up good vision by converting to vitamin A which prevents night blindness and other eye issues.
  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin from greens filter harmful light waves and decrease the chance of cataracts and age related macular degeneration.
  • Vitamin C from citrus fruits supports the eye tissues growth.

Brain function

  • Antioxidants like anthocyanins reduce inflammation and protect brain cells from the damage. It provides a healthy brain environment and gives better cognitive function.
  • Certain compounds in berries improve memory, learning, and general cognitive functions.
  • Sugars from berries act as an energy source to the brain that helps to give concentration and improves mental stamina.

Weight management

  • Rainbow diet works efficiently in weight management as it contains less carbs with high fibre content even if we eat in high amounts.
  • Fibre rich foods make us feel our stomachs full that reduces the habit of overeating or snacking on less healthy food items.

Anti-ageing effects

  • Rich antioxidants from this diet reduces oxidative stress from pollution and harmful uv rays. This prevents premature ageing of skin.
  • Vitamin C and E helps in providing skin elasticity by reducing the wrinkles on the skin.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties of this diet reduces chronic inflammation that promotes ageing in humans and contributes longevity and overall health.

Controls Blood sugar

  • Generally fruits and vegetables have low glycemic index as they release sugars slowly in the bloodstream and prevent rapid increase of blood sugar.
  • Even fibre slows down the absorption of sugar that helps in controlling blood sugar.
  • Eating a whole fruit is a best habit for controlling blood sugar as the sugars in the fruit are intertwined with the fibre. They provide energy without spikes in blood sugar.

With the potential health benefits of a rainbow diet, we need to make our every meal plate colourful with vegetables and fruits. By this we are able to get required antioxidants and other phytochemicals to our body that may show a bigger impact to our health.

So we make a habit of following this rainbow diet in our daily lifestyle and giving awareness about this diet will develop a healthy society among us. Let’s make our lives colourful with the colourful rainbow diet.

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