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Suguna _ Breast Cancer Survior _ Testimonial

Suguna Breast Cancer Survival Story

Suguna _ Breast Cancer Survior _ Testimonial

Mrs. Suguna and her husband are teachers. This couple has an aim to lay the foundations for the citizens future.


A teacher who teaches discipline to 400 children and demonstrates their social responsibility defeats the cancer monster and becomes victorious. Will her adventure serve as a source of inspiration for everyone? Think about it…


Mrs. Suguna lives near Manikonda Village, Mahbubnagar district. She is 36 years old and her husband’s name is Madhavulu. Also, Mrs. Suguna has a daughter too.


As Mrs. Suguna and her husband were so passionate about their birthplace, they both established a private school, known as “Vagdevi Vidyalayam,” there.


Mrs. Suguna’s husband taught biology and lifestyle to the students in the school. Mrs. Suguna teaches about Telugu language and its brilliance and its approaching doom. 


Even though they were students by name, the couple treated them as their own children.


Although the subjects taught by the couple are different, their ambition is the same; to provide a bright future to the students.

Although challenges arise when one pursues a goal, Mrs. Suguna was put to the test this time. And that challenge was Breast Cancer!


She is an inspiration to the world because of her determination to defeat even the strongest.


How has she been challenged by breast cancer? How did Mrs. Suguna defeated it, then?


At first it started with knee pain and back pain. Mrs. Suguna, who used to have a positive energy to teach the students, was unable to walk outside the door due to this tragedy. Moreover, she suffered from extreme fatigue and helplessness to sit down and not get up.


Mrs. Saguna’s husband, Madhavulu, who was already aware of cancer as a biology teacher, suspected breast cancer after seeing the symptoms. She was taken to a famous hospital in Hyderabad in February 2021, as others’ suggestions added to his suspicion.

After the tests were done in that hospital, it was found that Mrs. Saguna was suffering from stage four breast cancer.

At this point, Mrs. Suguna’s breast cancer is catastrophic. According to doctors, there is no chance of recovery and that treatment options are limited to six months.


Their entire world suddenly flipped upside down. Because Mrs. Saguna’s little daughter was unaware of what was happening to her mother, her heart remained innocent. Mrs. Suguna was actually more distressed by her failure to achieve her dream than by the anguish of what would happen to her.


However, Mrs. Suguna did not back down and bravely went for cancer treatment in the same hospital.


But after the treatment Suguna unfortunately became bedridden. Seeing Suguna in that situation, her husband and daughter lost all hopes. Fellow teachers were also upset. Mr. Madhavulu always wanted to protect his wife no matter what. Finally, Punarjan Ayurvedic Cancer Hospital was approached with that quest.


Mr. Madhavulu saw Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital’s Testimonial Videos on YouTube and learned that cancer patients were getting positive results there. Later, Mr. Madhavulu brought Mrs. Suguna to Punarjan Ayurveda in the month of March 2021. Suguna’s confidence and refusal to give up on herself led her to visit Punarjan Ayurveda and take medication.

“After taking the medication for a month, Mrs. Suguna felt a change, and in the second month, she began working by herself. After taking medication in Punarjan, Mrs. Suguna—who was essentially bedridden—became capable of handling her own tasks in less than two months. It is evident to everyone that Suguna’s ambition was sparked by Punarjan Ayurveda.” After taking medicine for nine months, she shares to us about her experience as a totally normal person.


Who can be a more trustworthy person than Mrs. Suguna, who believes that Punarjan Ayurveda is a place for better outcomes and a second life.


On this occasion, let’s hear about Mrs. Suguna’s journey in her own words. “Being bedridden with cancer treatment, I started feeling hungry within 15 days of taking the medicine. I started walking within two months.” 


Suguna thanked Punarjan and said, “After the treatment, it is only because of Punarjan Ayurveda that I am giving lessons like before.”


Let’s hear Mr. Madhavulu’s opinion in his own words as he shares his wife’s journey with us. “After taking medicines in Punarjan, my wife became healthy enough to do her own work as well as our work. 


People suffering from cancer can use Punarjan medicines without any doubt. Also medicines can revive their life. Usually people who are affected by cancer feel despair that our life is over. Fear makes you lose confidence. It is really great that the management of Punarjan conducts “Inspiration Class” in the morning to instill confidence in such people, especially thanks to the management of Punarjan for making this hospital worthy of the name Punarjan.”


Similarly, fellow teachers said, “We, who are healthy, sometimes show fatigue. But it is truly inspiring to be enthusiastic and never neglect duty despite suffering from breast cancer. The fellow teachers also stated, “We are very proud to work with Suguna Madam who has such a great personality.”


Later, they thanked  Punarjan Ayurveda for bringing back such a great person safely to them.

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