Product Description:

Bommu’s Chandanasava is an ayurvedic medicine herb that helps to treat Urinary Infection, Burning Urination. Chandanasava strives for a broad range of microbes, relieving urinary tract infections, and its ayurvedic property helps destroy stones. Yet, the results are light, but it gives good results in its indicated diseases and other medicines.

It can fight the microbial infection in the body and dilute the stones within a few dosages. Recent studies suggest that it also nourishes the coronary muscles and improves digestion for a healthy life improves and restore heart function.

The ayurvedic herbs used in Chandanasava help reduce the symptoms of fever, pain, and swelling and help in leading sexual desires, injuries, and infections; its Ayurvedic herbs used in this kill microbiomes and help in preventing the growth of killing microorganisms. Its ayurvedic formula reduces oxidative stress by scavenging free radical cells.

About the Produ

  • Bommu’s Chandanasava helps to reduce and treat discomfort, pain, or burning while urinating.
  • It helps to treat hyperuricemia, where an excess of uric acid forms in the blood.
  • Give relief in the presence of abnormally high amounts of white blood cells in semen.
  • Treats kidney and genito-urinary diseases
  • Effective in nightfall & Spermatorrhoea
  • Useful in kidney stone & urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • Useful in chronic kidney failure
  • It acts as a cardiac tonic that boosts strength.
  • Improves digestion & immunity
  • Ayurvedic Chandanasava helps to reduce the uric acid level.
  • Improves the reproductive health in men
  • It eliminates the pathogens effective for urinary tract infections, further limiting the development of the disease.
  • Chandanasava has antimicrobial properties, & powerful against killing bacterial infections.
  • Beneficial for reducing uric acid, thereby declining the chance of kidney stones
  • Chandanasava is known to decrease creatinine, urea, and uric acid levels. It also relieves several symptoms of kidney failure like heat sensation or burning sensation while passing urine.
  • 100% Ayurvedic, ISO & GMP certified.
  • 25yrs of Expertise in Ayurveda


Netra Bala, Nagamoth, Khambharifal, Kamalful, Fool Priyangu, Padmak, Lodhar Chhal, Majith, Khas No Valo, Kalipath, Kalmegh, Vadvai, Piplo Chhal, Kachuro, Pittapapdo, Jethi Madh, Rasnamul, Patolpatra, Amba Ni Chhal, Mochras, Dhavdinaful, Draksh ( Munakka, I, Khand, Gole


The Classical liquid formulation, made by a natural process, is beneficial in Spermatorrhoea, Syphilis, Urinary problems, Dysuria, Urinary calcury, Cystitis, and fever. It is also Cordial and cardiac Tone.


One & half- three tablespoonfuls (15-30ml) with equal quantity of water twice/thrice daily or as directed by the physician


Natural Self-Generated alcohol


  • Shake well before use
  • Keep the cap closed after use
  • To be taken under medical supervision

Legal Disclamation:

The Declaration regarding these ayurvedic products is not commendable to use without a prescription. We recommend you consult a physician according to your query. The company will not be liable for any neglect.


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